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FISH SELECTION          Full/small


BreadedHaddock Fillet       £9.50(£6.50)

Lightlycrumbed fillet of haddock deep fried until golden & served withsalad

garnish& wedge of lemon.

BreadedWholetail Scampi                      £10.75(£7.00)

Largewhole tail crumbed premium scampi, deep fried until golden, served

withsalad garnish & lemon wedge.

SingaporeSalmon        £13.25

SteamedScottish Salmon fillet on a bed of egg noodles with mixed vegetablesin a spicy oriental sauce


Codfillet deep fried in a crispy batter, served with salad garnish andLemon wedge        £10.50


SteakPie                                                                                                                                         £10.75(£7.50)

Tenderchunks of prime Scottish beef in a rich gravy with a flaky puffpastry crust

TenderRoast Topside of Beef                                                                                                       £10.50(£7.50)

Tenderroast topside of beef served with traditional Yorkshire pudding,

roastedpotatoes and rich natural gravy                                                                   

SolwayLodge Hotpot        £11.50

Beef,Cumberland sausage, black pudding and seasonal vegetables in a richgravy,

toppedwith potatoes and served with crusty bread

BalmoralChicken                                                                                                                         £13.50

Chickenbreast filled with Haggis, wrapped in Bacon and served with a



RoastCumberland Ham and Grilled Fresh Pineapple         £8.95(£6.25)

Tastycooked roast ham served with a salad garnish & red onion Chutney.

CumberlandSausage        £10.95

FarmhouseCumberland sausage your way:

Option1: with egg, chips or Potatoes & peas

Option2: with chips or potatoes and onion gravy

LambsLiver & Bacon

TenderLamb liver with bacon & onions in a rich gravy         £9.25

MississippiChicken Fillets        £9.75(£6.75)

ChickenInner fillet coated in a seasoned batter served with a salad garnishand coleslaw


TenderChicken breast in a creamy leek, Red onion and smoked bacon sauce         £13.95

HomemadeLasagne         £10.75 (£7.50)         

Freshlymade lasagne with homemade bolognese sauce & freshly baked garlicbread.

ChickenKorma    £10.50(£7.50)

Tenderpiece of Chicken in a mild fragrant Korma sauce, served with Basmatirice and Naan bread

CantonSweet and Sour Chicken    £10.95(£7.75)     

Lightlybattered chicken pieces in a piquant sweet and sour sauce,

ona bed of basmati rice served with prawn crackers     


ChickenCurry                                                            £10.50(£7.50)                                                                                           Mild chicken curry with freshchicken breast, served on a bed of basmati rice

witha poppadum.

MexicanChilli Bowl

Crispytortilla bowl layered with rice , filled with chilli con carne andserved with guacamole,

Sourcream and jalepenos    £11.25

ChickenRogan Josh

TenderPieces of chicken in a medium spicy sauce served with basmati rice &naan bread    £10.50



6ozLakeland Steak Burger Your Way:

Choosefrom the following:

ClassicBurger        £9.25    

Cheese Burger        £9.75

Haggis and CheeseBurger        £9.95

Smoked cheese and baconBurger        £9.95

BreadedSpicy Bean Burger        £9.25


Allserved in a sesame seed bun on a bed of lettuce, tomatoes and friedonion,

servedwith chips and a tomatoes relish


Largehorseshoe gammon steak served with fresh grilled pineapple or egg.                                    £12.50 (£7.95)

Orhave both for an extra 50p


Rib-EyeSteak                                                                                                                                  £18.95

Juicytender prime 10oz Scottish Rib-Eye steak cooked to your liking

servedwith onion rings, mushrooms and tomato crown

GrilledSirloin Steak           £19.95

Ajuicy, tender 10oz Scottish steak cooked to your liking served withonion rings,

mushroomsand tomato crown.

SteakSauces                                                     £3.50

Freshlymade sauces available are cracked Black Pepper, Diane and BlueStilton    


All meals are served withchips, potatoes or rice


Stiltonand Broccoli Quiché                                       £9.50

Stilton,Cheddar, broccoli florets and sweet onion, combined with egg andenclosed

ina stone baked Italian herb pastry. Served with caramelised red onionchutney

MacaroniCheese            £9.95 (£7.00)    

Macaroniin a creamy sauce topped with cheese and lightly grilled.

PenangCurry                                                                                                                                      £9.95

Aspicy aromatic coconut sauce with cauliflower, green beans ,mangetoutand pepper

Servedwith Basmati rice and Poppadum                                     

Spinachand Ricotta Cannelloni                                  £11.25

Tubesof pasta filled with spinach and ricotta cheese in a tomato andbéchamel sauce


Tomatoand Basil pasta bake

Pastatwirls in a rich Tomato and Basil sauce topped with Mozzarellacheese             £10.50 (£7.50)    

All meals are served withchips, potatoes or rice


Freshlymade salad using local produce, with a choice of:                 

RoastHam                    £10.75(£7.50)

RoastBeef                    £10.75(£7.50)

Cheese                    £10.75(£7.50)

SmokedSalmon                      £10.95(£7.75)

Prawns                                                                                                     £10.95(£7.75)

Chicken                                            £10.75

Salads are served withchips or potatoes


GarlicBread                                            £2.95

GarlicBread with Cheese                                    £3.95

Chips                                                £2.50

OnionRings                                            £2.75

Mushrooms                                            £2.95

Coleslaw                                            £1.00

Gravy                                                £1.00


GarlicMayo                                            £1.00

SweetChilli                                             £1.00

BBQ                                                £1.00

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